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Nicole Cafazzo Spector, MD

A graduate of Vanderbilt University Medical School and the Dermatology Free-Electron Laser Fellow through the National Institute of Health and Vanderbilt Department of Dermatology, Dr Spector published some of the ground breaking research on the use of thermal conductivity in cosmetic lasers that altered the tools for cosmetic practices.

Dr Spector combines passion for science, innovation, and art to provide astonishing results; dedication to custom-tailored combination treatments and concierge-like service aim to build lifelong patient relationships. the Med Spa at Vision Dermatology is not simply a med spa.

Our team is dedicated to individualized concierge treatment plans that encompass global cutting edge holistic and allopathic treatments.

Now accepting patients by invitation from Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Holly Springs, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Greensboro, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, Wilmington, High Point, Greenville, Concord, Dunn, Sanford, the greater Triangle area and beyond the Carolinas.

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Anne Clayton

A graduate of Williams College with a dual degree in Art History/English and successful careers in both software sales and early childhood education, Anne Clayton is the Georgia Peach of The Med Spa at Vision Dermatology.


After a friendship spanning decades, Anne agreed to join Dr Spector in a new career in health care.


Anne’s ability to nurture, communicate, support, and learn combine with her intellectual curiosity and managerial skills to create the heart and soul of The Med Spa at Vision Dermatology.


Patients may first experience Anne’s impact during individualized, flexible scheduling but chances are the hand massages she offers during a treatment or the genuine kindness she consistently displays will underscore the unique and invaluable contributions she makes to The Med Spa at Vision Dermatology.


3200  Blue Ridge Road,

Suite 118

Raleigh, NC 27612





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The Med Spa
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