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Fat-Reduction (Body Contouring)

Body contouring with the reduction of adipose tissue (or fat) can be accomplished using the latest technology available at The Med Spa at Vision Dermatology.


The Morpheus8 machine provides microneedling with Radiofrequency (RF).  It is the only full-body fractional aesthetic device for subdermal adipose remodeling.


Morpheus8 arises from two aesthetic techniques, surpassing them both. Its microneedles penetrate deeply, to the subdermal fat under the superficial skin layers. It directs electromagnetic energy to these regions, causing fat coagulation.


Morpheus8 produces a “shrink wrap” effect on the skin. More than just tightening, the treatments produce fat-reduction that can be observed virtually anywhere on the body.


Morpheus8Body became available in the US in 2021 and further increased the tools we can employ to treat adipose, laxity and cellulite.


The new Morpheus8Body allows for Radiofrequency Micro-needling at a depth of up to 7mm (twice what was previously possible) while providing the “blast option” to cycle quickly through multiple depths with varying levels of power.


The end result is that fat ablation is possible at the depth of the adipose tissue below the dermis but the ability to target and tighten the dermis at more superficial depths affords for tightening with the fat reduction.


In other words, the patient isn’t left wanting the fat to be put back in due to the crepe-ing and extreme laxity that can result with loss of fat.​


Unlike Cool-sculpting which freezes cells to death and may have the rare paradoxical side effect of making your body think its freezing in the arctic and thus stimulates fat production, Morpheus Body destroys fat cells via radio frequency and heat by targeting sub-dermal layers of adipose and address laxity that can result with volume loss by targeting the more superficial dermal layers as well.


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