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Myself and my family

I was born in Baltimore, the third of my parents’ four children, and was raised in Annapolis, Maryland. I loved needlework, sewing, reading, the outdoors and being with animals from a very young age, but my greatest passion has always been people: young, old and everyone in between. After earning my degrees in philosophy and biology at Loyola College of Maryland, I received my medical degree from the University of Maryland and moved to Chapel Hill with my classmate and best friend, Alan Aarons. We got married, completed our residencies in internal medicine, and moved to Denver where we both did fellowships and where our first daughter, Hillary, was born. We moved back to Chapel Hill for my second residency at UNC, this time in dermatology, and our second daughter, Emily, was born two years later. After dermatology residency, we moved to Raleigh and, five years later, our son, Will, was born.  

My career progression

I began my practice of medicine as a board-certified internist, which continues to ground my practice in the broader principles of differential diagnosis and the complex interactions of the various organ systems. From the start, I had great interest in how the skin can both manifest internal disease and reflect internal health. Since I always loved working with my hands and have an aesthetic eye, it felt natural to move into the field of dermatology. I spent eight intellectually rewarding post graduate years in academic training and then moved into private practice, where relationship-building and longitudinal care became my greatest sources of professional satisfaction and reward.  Since July 1996, I have had the honor and privilege of serving the greater Raleigh community as a board-certified dermatologist, providing medical and surgical dermatology care across all age groups, with a focus on personalized care.

My clinical philosophy

Many changes have occurred in medicine and society since I began practicing, but there are foundational principles which endure, sustaining and inspiring my ongoing passion for practice. I have found that caring for the whole person, not just their skin, opens the path for healing. Over time, relationships deepen and extend beyond individuals, creating broader community and purpose. Healing is reciprocal and goes beyond the “cure” of a problem and the boundaries of individuals. Over almost 35 years of being a physician, I have learned more than I have taught, received more than I have given and am ever grateful for the trust, support and loyalty that patients, colleagues and mentors have given me. These are gifts which both humble and inspire me. Thank you for partnering with us and for sharing our vision: we are here to focus on you, not only to address problems on your skin, but to help you develop strategies to look your best and prevent future problems, especially skin cancer. We always put your best interest first!

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